Latasha “RED Autumn” Watson was born on October 3, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 11, Red became very interested into Rapping. “Starting Rapping at the age of 11years old was not too hard for me because of the fact, I followed the footsteps of strong MC’s like Left Eye (TLC), Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill. Their strong lyrics and flows made me say hey I want to do that too”.

In July 2007 Red enters the recording studio and recorded a couple of tracks for MySpace and received many praises for her unique Alternative Electro- Hip Hop sound especially her single called “Stylin’”. In 2008 Red was feature in international magazine CLAM for her interesting fashion statement. On October 17, 2008, RED had her first performance at the music venue EUROPA in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “The feeling of an outstanding appeasement from the crowd made me feel so happy and comfortable on stage, I did not want to leave”.

In October of 2010, RED took home 2nd place for the NYC sound check showcase. In 2012 Red Autumn join forces with another singer from her dance class to create a duo group called Red Autumn & Coral O. ” This process helped me in my songwriting skills because, I was no longer writing lyrics for myself but for others as well”. In December of 2015 Red Autumn release her first EP called Warrior, where she produced some of the tracks. Warrior is project that expresses the music I make. “I make music for people to love themselves, know they can over come many challenges that will appear while staying strong like a Warrior.”

In 2016 Red Autumn took some time off from making music to reflect about her music journey and to practice on another craft she always adored, which is dancing. During her dancing Journey, Red created a dance company with her friend Derrick Vinluan called Revive 808. “Revive 808 was created to help the dance community to provide a space for dancers to take adorable classes as well for choreographers to use Revive 808 as a practice class, leading them to teach at their dream company class for their resume.”

In 2017 Red Autumn dive back into her first love, Music. In March 0f 2017 Red had a first performance back into the music industry performing her song Golden ;which she produced, and Microphone. Her alternative sound continued to grab attention from others. “Every time I perform my song Golden Ring I notice how well the messages is receiving to people. Everyone has friends or family members who they thought were there for them or in life they felt weak by hard challenges. The symbol of Golden Ring to me feels like royalty, important, or a warrior. When you put your golden Ring(s) on, nothing or no one can stop you from shining.” In April 2017 Red Autumn won Rookie of the Year at the Hip Hop Season Showcase.  Red continues to perform every week and is always working on new music. “Listening to what many people says how much they love and enjoy my style and my music, makes me want to breathe in music even more”.

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